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Entry #1

Hello xD

5/9/13 by NeonPursuit

Hello everyone haha xD I'm new to Newgrounds, making music I mean. I'v been touring this site for years and have really loved what I have found and have wanted to make music for a while and have never done so till now :) Please let me know what you think, good or bad all helps :) Thank you xD


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Welcome to NG! This is the place where all hopes and dreams are realized, and stuff like that.

5/9/13 NeonPursuit responds:

Haha then this should he fun :)

~space battle~ is pretty good. the part that starts at 20 secs is reminiscent of some of Cheshyre's songs; most notably this one

5/9/13 NeonPursuit responds:

xD I had no idea haha But yea I see what you mean :)


5/9/13 NeonPursuit responds:

:) Thank you